Saturday, February 9, 2013

valentine's day

     As I mentioned before, I have an amazing boyfriend. One of AEU's downfalls though is his flair for the romantic and his superior gift giving skills. His budget is definitely larger than mine, but I still feel the pressure of giving him equally amazing presents. Some of his past gifts include:

       Needless to say I have big shoes to fill. Last year I did some baking and some crafting along with some sorority shirts for Valentine's. For Christmas I got him tickets to Zac Brown. I've also made him a cooler for formal. I was OUT of ideas. Until I remembered a site called Spiffing Jewelry. Browsing their "For Him" section I found a personalized money clip and knew it was perfect, unique and thoughtful. I got a Mad Men quote and his intials engraved, he loves little touches like that so I can't wait until he opens it!
I'm not really a big fan of Valentine's day, but any holiday focused on chocolate I can get behind.

hugs & kisses & chocolate


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