Monday, April 15, 2013

after grad

I have a job! I have a job! Seriously y'all I have never been more excited. Last week I got the call that I was accepted into City Year Jacksonville's 2013-2014 Corps! I have always wanted to be a teacher and this program is going to be a perfect break year to gain some hands on experience in education before I head to grad school!

After so much stress this year trying to figure out my life after college experience I was so relieved to finally find out I'll be doing something worthwhile and that I will love! Senior year is supposed to be fun and relaxing but for me it was a year full of comparison. Am I going to be as successful as Sally who just got a job in DC? Are people going to be as impressed by my plans as they are of Emily's who is going to Vanderbilt? Will people thinking of me as a success or a failure when I come back to visit?

I know it seems overly dramatic but I feel like my generation puts so much emphasis on figuring out what our lives are going to be, always in advance. Finding out my future steps so late in the game kept me really self-conscious. Now I know that it was silly to be so concerned, and even without City Year I know I would be successful and eventually become an awesome teacher. 

Here's the thing though, see that picture above. Yeah, that's the uniform. I have to wear that every day. Not the most flattering for a 5'2 lady like myself but I actually think they're kinda neat! I even get my own pair of Timberlands (I know, I'm giggling at myself too). Still unsure if I can wear bows with the uniform...I'll have to check on that. 

Here's to hoping everyone is easing into summer stress free!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

the final countdown

      .....sooo. It's finally hit me. In less than 3 weeks I will be a college graduate! Where did the time go? Seriously. From Freshman year being scared and lonely to Senior year being surrounded by sisters and friends that I have no idea how I ever lived without. I honestly don't know how I am going to deal with the separation.
       Thankfully, I only live 2 hours from schools so I can visit my boyfriend (a junior) and my littles, grandlittles, and oh-good-Lord my future GREATgrandlittles, fairly often. I'm still not sure what exactly I'm doing for my year between undergrad and grad school but I'm learning to be ok with that. I've been planning every moment of my life for the past 10 years and it's actually kind of nice to just go with the flow for once.

on another note

Did anyone watch the Mad Men Season Premiere? Goodness, it was a weird one! But honestly I could watch it just for the clothes and the one-liners. Spoiler Alert: Don is in another affair and Roger Sterling cries for the first time. 

on another other note

I seriously CANNOT decide which color Jacks to buy or which style of Ray Bans to purchase. I have been planning/saving for these purchases since the beginning of the semester and I still can't decide. Help!



Wednesday, April 3, 2013

all i want to do is shop

       After 2 papers and 1 exam all in the span of 3 days, all I can think about is graduation, poolside drinks, and shopping. If I could, alllll of these things would be mine!

VS Swimwear


where would I wear them? Don't careeeee 
Why do you do this to me Lilly?

Kate, please stop making bags that I can't afford or find a justification to buy.

Am I brat for hoping I get lots of graduation presents? 



Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Exam week. Back with happiness on Friday!

hoping for A's