Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring Break at Home

     The weekend flew by! I got some great scores at the outlets and spent less than I planned on. Is there anything better! After spending Sunday in the boring library, AEU and I decided to make spring break plans. We couldn't decided on any kind of trip we were really excited about (we're not really the traditional get sloppily inebriated and crazy college kids) so we agreed to just head home and make the best out of it! I live 5 minutes from the beach and he's got a country club membership, so it's not reallllly that rough ;). We came up with some ideas of things that we can do on a budget and take advantage of in our own home town!

Southern Day!

AEU and I love trap shooting! He took me for the first time over winter break and I fell in love. So to start off this day we're going to hit the range and see who can dominate those clays! He has not seen Gone with the Wind (gasp! I know) so I plan on making some homemade biscuits, grits, sweet tea, and fried chicken and making him finally sit down and make it through the whole thing!

Culture Day!

My hometown is actually a little portion of a big Florida city. We have a lot of great museums and cultural events and a lot of them have free admission for students. There are two fabulous art museums that we want to check out (for about the 100th time for me). I can't get enough of museums and always find something new I like! To find some neat art museums in your neck of the woods check out Artcylclopedia's Museum Diretory !

Beach Days!

I have been missing the sand and the ocean. I've lived with in walking distance my whole life, so the transition to a college that was landlocked was not the most exciting. I'm ready for a tan and a fruity drink and a warm breeze. Still have to find a new bathing suit though!

We're still working on other little plans like movie dates and nice dress up dinners, but I have to squeeze in some girl time and family time too. At first I was a little bummed I wasn't going to Key West or PCB or on a cruise since it's my last college spring break, but now I realized I can buy at least one more Lilly dress with my savings!

always looking on the bright side baby!


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