Wednesday, February 20, 2013

study essentials

    Okay, so I should be studying. But y'all I've been hopped up on caffeine in the library for hours now and I need a break! I am normally a very laid back person, but when it comes to studying and school I go into super OCD nerd mode and have lots of little rules for how to be productive.

1) A color coordinated planner with lots of space for my expansive scribbles! I have chosen the Lilly planner for 2 years now but I think for post-grad I want to switch to a Kate Spade leather refillable!

2) Lots of coffee! I love the value of Dunkin Donuts (Only $1.05 here for a small flavored iced coffee!) but if I'm really desperate for caffeine I go with the classic TSM Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte!


3) Music! I have to have headphones in to be productive, even the faintest whispers of people in the library make me get all crazy! I love listening to the Beautiful Reception playlist on Songza's Classical serenity station, or if I need to get amped up I put on the EDM stations, like Electric Daisy Carnival

I guess I've procrastinated enough....


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