Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring Break at Home

     The weekend flew by! I got some great scores at the outlets and spent less than I planned on. Is there anything better! After spending Sunday in the boring library, AEU and I decided to make spring break plans. We couldn't decided on any kind of trip we were really excited about (we're not really the traditional get sloppily inebriated and crazy college kids) so we agreed to just head home and make the best out of it! I live 5 minutes from the beach and he's got a country club membership, so it's not reallllly that rough ;). We came up with some ideas of things that we can do on a budget and take advantage of in our own home town!

Southern Day!

AEU and I love trap shooting! He took me for the first time over winter break and I fell in love. So to start off this day we're going to hit the range and see who can dominate those clays! He has not seen Gone with the Wind (gasp! I know) so I plan on making some homemade biscuits, grits, sweet tea, and fried chicken and making him finally sit down and make it through the whole thing!

Culture Day!

My hometown is actually a little portion of a big Florida city. We have a lot of great museums and cultural events and a lot of them have free admission for students. There are two fabulous art museums that we want to check out (for about the 100th time for me). I can't get enough of museums and always find something new I like! To find some neat art museums in your neck of the woods check out Artcylclopedia's Museum Diretory !

Beach Days!

I have been missing the sand and the ocean. I've lived with in walking distance my whole life, so the transition to a college that was landlocked was not the most exciting. I'm ready for a tan and a fruity drink and a warm breeze. Still have to find a new bathing suit though!

We're still working on other little plans like movie dates and nice dress up dinners, but I have to squeeze in some girl time and family time too. At first I was a little bummed I wasn't going to Key West or PCB or on a cruise since it's my last college spring break, but now I realized I can buy at least one more Lilly dress with my savings!

always looking on the bright side baby!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

cheers to the weekend!

      After an incredibly in-depth test and a more than complicated group meeting, it's finally the weekend! I don't have class on Fridays (yay senior year) so I always get 3 day weekends. As I said before I'm heading to the outlets Saturday but tomorrow is even better, AEU and I are headed to see the Zac Brown Band in concert!

    I am so excited! I got the tickets as AEU's Christmas present and we have been waiting for so long to finally get to see them. I haven't been to a concert since this time last year and I miss the atmosphere. We have lawn seats so it's going to be so casual and relaxing. 

Hoping everyone get's to do something special this weekend!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

study essentials

    Okay, so I should be studying. But y'all I've been hopped up on caffeine in the library for hours now and I need a break! I am normally a very laid back person, but when it comes to studying and school I go into super OCD nerd mode and have lots of little rules for how to be productive.

1) A color coordinated planner with lots of space for my expansive scribbles! I have chosen the Lilly planner for 2 years now but I think for post-grad I want to switch to a Kate Spade leather refillable!

2) Lots of coffee! I love the value of Dunkin Donuts (Only $1.05 here for a small flavored iced coffee!) but if I'm really desperate for caffeine I go with the classic TSM Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte!


3) Music! I have to have headphones in to be productive, even the faintest whispers of people in the library make me get all crazy! I love listening to the Beautiful Reception playlist on Songza's Classical serenity station, or if I need to get amped up I put on the EDM stations, like Electric Daisy Carnival

I guess I've procrastinated enough....


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

being southern in florida

     There are many debates among southerner's about what actually constitutes "The South." As a Floridian, my family in Kentucky says I'm nowhere near Southern, an yet when I visited family in Baltimore as a child, I was ostracized for my "country" accent and made fun of mercilessly for saying "y'all" twenty times per day. The editor of the Oxford American, a Texas native, told Stephen Colbert on a recent show that South Carolina was too far North to be truly Southern!
      No matter where you go, people have their own geographic rules and definitions of being Southern. For me, it's not really where your from but how you act and what you're interested in that makes you "Southern." I have a few basic criteria.....

You must love....


You must crave...

Outside of food and culture, one of the most important things a southern guy or gall can have is manners! 

Hey y'all!
Thank you!
Excuse me!
Yes sir!
No m'am!

Despite being a Floridian who lives 5 minutes from the beach and my intense obsession with Manhattan, I will always love the South and all of the quirks that make it unique.


orlando outlets!

     This weekend, my sorority is going on a sisterhood trip to the Premium Outlets in Orlando! We're taking charter buses down and meeting up to have a cute catered lunch with another chapter and then get some good bargain shopping in! I love the outlets, I snagged this  bracelet at the Kate Spade outlet in St.Augustine for almost 80% off after lusting after it for months.

There are lots of great shops in Orlando, I'm ready to stock up for spring. Here's my shopping list:

  • J.Crew - jewelry, chinos, silk summer tops
  • Victoria's Secret - pretty white bra, lots of PINK Boyshorts
  • Polo Ralph Lauren - little boy button downs (I'm shorts, so shopping in the boys section is cheaper and fits just as fine!)
  • Kate Spade - hoping to snag some more bow bangles or a matching bow ring, and I am in desperate need of a big girl wallet (and purse if I'm feeling special...)

Now I just have to get through this hectic week!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

life is good.

Sometimes, it's nice to just take a break from the hustle and bustle and count your blessings. Today I am thankful for....

1 An amazing boyfriend of 1 year who made me my own restaurant and bar for Valentine's Day...

2 A momma who is willing to carry my bags at the mall for 6 hours while buying nothing for herself...

3 Friends who are willing to look like total fools with me...

Sometimes it's easy to get bogged down in the things that are going wrong in your life, and goodness knows I've been guilty of that this past year, but with a little self reflection you can always remember how blessed you truly are. 

Live in Love Y'all!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

drowning in love

      Ok I love Valentine's Day, but I have no idea what AEU is doing for me. He decided to surprise me this year with his plans and I am at a loss. Update on that tomorrow I guess....
     Valentine's Day for me has never been a couple's holiday, more often than not I've spent more time making Valentine's for my friends than for a boy. Last year I made Valentine's for every girl that lived in my sorority house with me! Valentine's Day doesn't have to be determined by your relationship status, show your love for everyone in your life!

    Anyways, I'm going to skip Valentine's posting and share my bathing suit Lust List. Spring Break is in only THREE WEEKS and I am in desperate need of a new suit.....

It's Always Summer Somewhere!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

hat head

     There are days where I wake up and just CANNOT bring myself to do my hair. I have long days on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays that require a lot of walking in FL heat. I love to throw a hat on with some sneakers and a frat tank for a casually cute look. My favorite is a pink Southern Proper I got as a present 2 birthdays ago, but I'd love to add these cuties to my collection!

Etsy Monogrammed Hat        

home is where the mom is

       I LOVE my school. I didn't originally think I'd end up in a sorority at a big university, but it is better than I could have ever imagined. I think what made it the best choice was the fact that it is only 2 hours away from home! Long enough to give me the real college experience but close enough for a quick visit whenever I miss my mommma and my puppies. This weekend is one of those visits! One of my best friends in the world is turning 22, and we're having dinner at the funniest place ever....Hamburger Mary's !

     Most importantly I'm doing some spring shopping. I need some staples but also 2 formal dresses, a graduation dress, AND a dress for Foxfield!
My Lust List includes...

new colors of  J.Crew Chino Shorts

    I can't wait to get myself ready for spring, even though the weather here in FL is already hot & humid! Oh well, I'd take tank tops in February over snow any day!

shop on!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

black frames

     I've worn glasses since the 4th grade, needless to say I've worn more than a normal share of styles and colors. My favorites though for glasses and sunglasses have always been a classic black frame. From Audrey Hepburn, to Buddy Holly, to Marilyn Monroe, I'm in love with them on everyone!

Now Kate Spade has caught my attention again making these amazing Brad Goreski inspired accessories...swoon!


KSNY by annadb featuring kate spade

Kate spade

Kate spade

Kate spade

Kate spade

Saturday, February 9, 2013

valentine's day

     As I mentioned before, I have an amazing boyfriend. One of AEU's downfalls though is his flair for the romantic and his superior gift giving skills. His budget is definitely larger than mine, but I still feel the pressure of giving him equally amazing presents. Some of his past gifts include:

       Needless to say I have big shoes to fill. Last year I did some baking and some crafting along with some sorority shirts for Valentine's. For Christmas I got him tickets to Zac Brown. I've also made him a cooler for formal. I was OUT of ideas. Until I remembered a site called Spiffing Jewelry. Browsing their "For Him" section I found a personalized money clip and knew it was perfect, unique and thoughtful. I got a Mad Men quote and his intials engraved, he loves little touches like that so I can't wait until he opens it!
I'm not really a big fan of Valentine's day, but any holiday focused on chocolate I can get behind.

hugs & kisses & chocolate


Friday, February 8, 2013

living every hour like it's happy hour

       As my introduction into the blogging world, I've decided to share a few of my favorite things, before I head off to happy hour. The things that make me the happiest girl in the world...

  • my handsome boyfriend, let's call him AEU
  • my beautiful chihuahua schnauzer puppy Lillybelle
  • the Florida Gators
  • reading
  • the color pink
  • kate spade & lilly pulitzer
  • monograms
  • Chik Fil A 
  • sweet tea & diet coke 
  • leggings
  • 1 size too big fraternity t-shirts
  • crafting
  • rainy days
  • the ocean
  • whisky...and whiskey
  • my momma
  • giraffes
  • my sorority
  • the friends i've had since middle & high school
  • planning for the future
  • getting mail
  • watches 
  • pearls
  • bows & beaus
  • southern manners & gentlemen
  • art museums I like a lot of things. I live my life divided by the desire to live in the South forever reading Faulkner and the desire to move into Manhattan and live a fabulous mix of Mad Men and Sex in the City. Maybe one day I'll figure it out...