Wednesday, March 27, 2013

mad for mad men

I am obsessed with the show Mad Men! If you've never seen it go to Netflix immediately they have 5 seasons now and you have a week to catch up before the 6th season premiere! AEU and I are just as equally in love with the show. The clothes, the drinks, the lifestyles, we love it all. Next week we're having a little premiere party for the show with themed drinks and a few of his fraternity friends. I've instated a costume rule because...I mean come on...


I already have a dress picked out but I couldn't resist finding some other beautiful vintage inspired options on Mod Cloth !

Sighhhhhhh. Why can't it be socially acceptable to dress like this everyday?

Do you love Mad Men style as much as I do?



  1. OBSESSED with this show! Cannot wait for the premiere

  2. I say it is. Go ahead and dress like that everyday. You'll look fabulous.