Saturday, March 23, 2013

beautiful books

As an English major, I am a TOTAL book nerd. Not only am I a voracious reader, I'm obsessed with book covers and different editions of the same books. For the past 3 years I haven't had much time for reading outside of assigned books for my English classes and I haven't been able to just stroll into a bookstore and grab anything to read that I'd finish within a week. This semester being my last though, I've had much more free time. A couple weeks ago I popped into a Barnes and Noble just to browse and found this beautiful copy of Dante's Inferno:

It's hardcover with the designs embossed on them, so beautiful in person! After seeing College Prep's Instagram today I'm really inspired to grab some more of the Penguin Classic's series!

Here are some of the one's I'm totally nerding out over!

The collection is called Penguin Hardcover Classics and bonus, they're only $20 (which if you buy print books often you know is a steal for a hardback book!)

happy reading!


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