Tuesday, March 26, 2013

diet coke rehab

As you might have seen in my earlier post on trendy workout clothes, I have been working very hard lately to live a more active lifestyle. Food choices though are SO much harder for me to make changes to...I love cheese, and bread, and chocolate, and alcohol, and fried food.. All things that are totally not great for you or your weight. One of my biggest vices though is my diet soda consumption. Diet Dr.Pepper and Coke Zero are some of my all time obsessions. Lately I've been trying to make the switch and cull down my diet soda intake to 3 times a week or less. I know most of my friends struggle with the same Diet Coke addiction so I've been trying to find some tasty stand-ins to ween myself off

Now I know these are still not the best choices, and there is NO substitute for good ol' fashioned spring water. But sometimes that's just boring! To encourage myself to drink the most water I can per day I like to carry a cute Tervis tumbler or one of my sorority tumblers with a straw. I've about worn out the 3 or 4 that I have but I love these new cute water containers and like the workout clothes, I have a goal to reach before I buy myself a new one!

Of course some Tervis, this new funny Vintage line is adorable

I am still shocked I have witheld so long on buying one of these Lilly tumblers

By far my coolest find, this wate rbottle from lifefactory is glass (thus BPA free and much easier to recycle/reuse than plastic) and the silicone sleeve keeps it durable! Also, who doesn't love this Tiffany-esque Turquoise color!



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