Tuesday, March 12, 2013

longterm lust list!

I am a major fan of finding a goal purchase and saving up for it! I used to be a big impulse shopper and I totally valued quantity over quality and never really planned on the nice things I wanted to buy. That all changed when I got to college, got my first job, and became obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer! I started creating wish lists and working toward goals! This skill has helped me not just in my silly fashion obsession but also with lots of other aspects of my life (career planning, studying, etc). My latest decision to save has been for ... Louis Vuitton! Ahhhhh this will be a long wait but I can't help but start fantasizing. Here are a few of my faves (capping the price at 1,000 because anything over that I can't even justify saving for).

I like the classic Monogram because I think it's the most signature print. And I might also be heavily influenced by my all time style icon Audrey...

We'll see how long this goal takes...heh :)



  1. my two FAVORITE Louis bags...gahh, I wish I could afford them

  2. I love the Speedy 30. It's such a classic bag! Audrey is also one of my style icons so that definitely makes me want a Speedy even more!
    PS: Thanks for the Liebster award! It's up on my blog.